Nation's First Video Gaming Arena Coming To South Philly

You know what they say: "When one (or two) venue closes, another one opens," right? Okay so maybe they don't...but in this case that's exactly what's happening!

We recently just learned of the closing of two beloved Philly venues (The Trocadero and Festival Pier), but now we have a new one on the way! This one, however, has nothing to do with music...but it is the first of it's kind in the nation! is reporting that Comcast is spending 50 million (no big deal) on the nation's first video gaming arena called Fusion! With the popularity of people competing against each other to play video games in front of large crowds, this definitely makes sense! It's said that work on the arena will start this summer, and it will be a 3,500-seat arena at a parking lot next to Xfinity Live!

"There has never been a special-purpose esports arena built anywhere. This is a huge step for esports. This is something we will see pop up all over the world," says Nate Nanzer, commissioner of the 20-team Overwatch League.

Wow! Take a look at pictures of some of the plans:

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