Festival Pier Is No More

It's been a rough week for our beloved Philly venues!

Just yesterday the rumor got out that The Trocadero would be having it's last curtain call soon, and now one of our favorite summer spots is also saying goodbye!

This week The Roots picnic was announced for 2019, and for the first time it wasn't at longtime home Festival Pier. In fact, no shows have been announced at the Penn's Landing venue for the summer. As it turns out the rumors we've been hearing for so many summers may finally be true. Yup...Philly.com is also reporting that Festival Pier is no more!

They released a statement from Geoff Gordon, the local chief of Live Nation, which just says “Festival Pier is on sabbatical," however they also say it's definitely more than that. They say it's, in their words, "kaput," and the reason is real estate development.

They say "the non-musical plan for the site is for a mixture of rental, retail, and generous public space oriented around the extension of the Spring Garden Street corridor," and apparently they're looking for a new outdoor venue. which won't be finalized until 2020.

Read more HERE, and re-live some of the Festival Pier memories:

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