Primo Hoagies Releasing Italian Hoagie Flavored Chips

Does it get any more Philly than this?

Want some Italian hoagie alongside your Italian hoagie? Well, South Philly's own Primo Hoagies can make that happen!

Yup...the company, which now has 85 locations across the East Coast, is launching their own potato chips and they're Italian hoagie flavored! You'll be able to get them at ALL Primo's locations as well as local supermarkets, drug stores, etc!

What?! How do you get that taste into a chip? Well, the company spent about 6 months perfecting the flavor which includes Primo's signature prosciutto, provolone cheese, hot capicola and natural casing genoa salami.

They'll be hitting stores tomorrow (Thursday 3/14) just in time for National Potato Chip Day, so grab some and see what you think!

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