Bryce Harper Changed His Number For Roy Halladay

Bryce Harper has only been a member of the Philadelphia Phillies for a few days, however he's already doing our city proud!

As soon as it was announced he was joining our team, one of the big questions was "What number will he wear?" See, throughout his career in Washington he wore number 34. That's an issue in Philly though as that was also the number of our star player Roy Halladay. No one had worn that number since Halladay tragically passed away in a plane crash in 2017.

While most assumed it was the Phillies organization that didn't allow Harper to wear the jersey, it turns out it was all Harper's decision who went with number 3 instead.

"Of course, I wore 34 [in Washington]. But I thought Roy Halladay should be the last one to wear it [in Philadelphia]," Harper said. "He's somebody in this game that is greater than a lot of guys who have ever played it. A hall-of-famer, somebody that played the game the right way, was a great person, and was one of the nicest people I've ever met, being able to play across from him in 2012. So, for me, it's Roy Halladay. He's 34. He's what represents that number in Philly, and when you go in there you see his number on that flagpole in centerfield, it's something that he should be remembered for."

What a guy, right?? As if we needed another reason to love him, he goes and does this! I have a feeling a LOT of number 3 jerseys will be bought soon!

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