EXNATIONS - "Knife" Video

Anyone who knows anything about me, knows that I'm a new music fiend! Having said that, I'm so excited to share something new from my friends EXNATIONS!

Just in time for Valentine's Day the trio from Brooklyn, NY is sharing a song/video called "Knife." The track didn't quite make it to their last EP, but they knew they wanted it out in the world eventually.

Of the track the band says:

"Knife" is about how it feels to fall out of love with your first love. The feeling of a relationship that you may have thought was your ride or die slowly but surely simmering towards its breaking point. It's not all a sad story though. Through the dissolution of something so grand as a first love, we learn what we really want, we become a little more of who we need to be.”

What a great song it is too! It comes along with an accompanying video that showcases the band's home of NYC, and a majority of it was shot on their iPhones!

This is a band that always makes you feel things. The most important of those things? The groove! So vibe out to the new track, and I am so very honored to premiere the brand new video. Check it out!

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