Philadelphia Zoo Announces Return Of The Zoo Key!

As a kid, the coolest part of visiting the Philadelphia Zoo was of course seeing the animals. But what was the second coolest part? Using that Zoo Key!

Yes! If you're from Philly you know exactly what I'm talking about. You could walk through the zoo and there would be places to use your special key to learn more all about the different animals. If you had a key, you were awesome!

Well, it's time to make Philadelphia awesome the key is making it's grand return this spring!

The zoo took to their social media to share a picture of one of the keys with a link. Once it's followed this message appears:

"Philadelphia Zoo is excited to welcome the return of the iconic Zoo Key! While visiting Creatures of Habitat, guests can use their Zoo Key at audio books located at each LEGO® brick sculpture as well as other areas throughout the Zoo. Visitors can unlock insider secrets and stories about the magnificent creatures living at Philadelphia Zoo, told by animal keepers who care for them."

Anyone still have their key from back in the day?? I wonder if one of those will still work!

Check out their post:

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