The Old Amtrak Flipboard Returning To 30th Street Station!

Last month our city of Philadelphia let out a huge cry of sadness as 30th Street Station had to get rid of the iconic Amtrak flipboard. Why? Because it wasn't ADA-compliant. Instead it's being replaced with a digital monitor which just isn't the same!

Well, good news for those who miss the flipboard: it's going to be returning to 30th Street! While it won't be used for the same reasons it was in the past, they say it will be part of the station's decor as a permanent fixture in some way!

Since being taken down in January it's being stored for safe keeping and developers will decide how to use the old thing as part of a big overhaul to the whole station.

Will it still make the "clacking" noise in some way though?? That's the real big question! Check out more about the plans HERE, and listen to that classic sound we knew and loved below:

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