Publisher Recreates Classic Books To Star Gritty!

Philadelphia's love for Philadelphia Flyers mascot, Gritty, is like no other! Now it appears that Gritty has crossed over from the hockey rink to classic literature! Hah!

Yup, thanks to Philadelphia publisher Molly Murphy of Quirk Books we now know what it would be like if Gritty starred in some popular books. She's thrown him right into the book's covers turning "The Great Gatsby" to 'The Great Gritsby," "Where The Wild Things Are" to " Where The Gritty Things Are," and more!

"Listen, we're from Philly, and we are very proud of our new official mascot for the Philadelphia Flyers NHL team, Gritty," Murphy wrote in a Quirk Books blog post.

"He is perfect. Maybe you never noticed, but Gritty has made appearances on quite a few book covers. Don't believe us? Look again."

Hah! Take a look at my favorites, below, or check out ALL of them HERE!

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