Warped Tour Announces 25th Anniversary Shows

Just when we thought we had seen the very last of Warped Tour, they go and do this!

A few months ago the travelling festival's founder Kevin Lyman announced that the tour would be coming back this year to celebrate it's 25th anniversary with only a handful of shows on both coasts!

Now Kevin has revealed the exact locations and dates for the Warped Tour 25th anniversary dates. Did you have hopes to attend one of the shows? Well, you're in luck because TWO of them are VERY close to us!

While they're not as close as Camden, they are right in Atlantic City! Yup, June 29th and 30th the Warped 25th anniversary shows come to the Atlantic City beach! How cool?

With these being more one off shows (5 in total), I hope the lineups are pretty epic!

We won't get the lineup details until March 1st, which is also when the tickets go on sale. Take a look at  more info:

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