Backstage at Winter Jawn 2019

Here's all the exciting stuff that happened behind the scenes at our 2019 Winter Jawn at Xfinity Live! We know you couldn't be backstage the whole day and why would you want to be, with all the amazing talent on stage. But, this is for all the folks who wish they had a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes action. Browse the photo gallery and watch the backstage interviews below!


Headlining band Young the Giant hung out with Jessie backstage talking about Superposition and how the song came together. See what they said about the making of that song as well as the reprise and other topics.

Amber and Matt and Kim hung out backstage... talking about being crazy... what kind of workouts and instructors they like and the benefits of such workouts... what kind of crazy idea is going to come to life during the show today... side hustles... haircuts... and more. Watch full the interview.

lovelytheband and Mike Jones had a moment backstage talking about Hawaii, playing Times Square for New Year's Eve, looking forward to their vacation break, making videos, pants-optional shows, fannypacks and things that go inside them, the variety of drums and improvised percussive items that Sam plays. Watch it all below.  

Johnny had a chance to talk with The Interrupters backstage about playing in the cold, how their latest album "Fight the Good Fight" is reaching a huge new audience, the history of their previous band The Telacasters, Randy Jackson from American Idol and other topics. Check out the full video below.

Amber got together backstage with Jimmy and Tom from Bob Moses to talk about winter activities, beards, politics, hidden lyrics, playing at Red Rocks, their latest obsessions (especially with documentaries) and more. 

Keuning and Mike Jones had a good heart-to-heart backstage about the new solo album Prismism that just got released. They talked about making the album, where the ideas came from, playing more than just the guitar, funding the album with a Trans-Am, and more.

Louisiana based Royal Teeth braved the cold weather to join us at this year's Winter Jawn. They stopped backstage to talk about football, Jazz Fest, and other things with Josh.

Max Collins from Fitness stepped backstage with Jessie to talk about their current tour with Kongos, funny pranks they play on each other, how he and Kenny Carkeet work together, the high energy of the live set and more. Watch the discussion below.

Eric from The Brevet chats with Josh about cold weather and outdoor shows, a Mike Jones who used to be part of the band, writing music since middle school, their latest album, Legs, upcoming shows, some of their musical influences and more.

The winners of our Holiday Anti-Jingle contest, local openers The Great Enough have a chat with Cole about what happened over their summer and all the great shows they played, writing new materials, keeping their egos in check... watch the full conversation below.

PHOTO GALLERY - Check out all the photos from backstage at 2019 Winter Jawn below!

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