Saver - "Toronto"

One of the great things about our city of Philly is there is no shortage of talented bands right in our own area!

A few months back I hosted/attended a show, in which I was acquainted with the opening band Saver! The guys are Philly area local, and had me tapping my feet throughout the whole set.

Now today I am pleased to present to you a new track called "Toronto," along with an accompanying video! The track was produced at Gradwell House Recording Studio by my bud Trevor Leonard of The End of America, Valencia and Triangle Shirt Factory.

Of the song, frontman Tim Burke says:

"The song is ultimately about wanting to be anywhere other than where you are, but also being afraid of the change you’re asking for. I feel like people (including myself) always tend to say 'if I was in a different place I’d be way better off', and I feel that if the conversation was more about appreciating where you are currently, and trying to make that place perfect, we’d all be better off."

Of it's video he says:

"The video is comprised of home video throughout the years of the band. We’ve all been playing music together in various projects for over 10 years, and we’ve been friends for longer. In a way, I wanted to look at the bigger picture and introduce my family and my journey to the world through this video, while also paying homage to everything that we’ve all been through."

Wondering what's next for the band?

"Although I can’t say much at this moment, Toronto is the first single off of our debut album which will be coming out this year."

So much more to look forward to from Saver...including some upcoming tour dates with their friends in Goalkeeper. 

A big thank you to the guys for letting me premiere their new track/video! Check it out:

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