Ryan Adams Has A New Song Called "Doylestown Girl!"

All my life I've lived in Bucks County, so I absolutely love visiting the city of Doylestown!

Turns out I'm not alone in that, as singer/songwriter Ryan Adams has spent a decent amount of time in the city recently too. I had murmurings of people spotting Ryan in and around the city, as his girlfriend lives there!

Well, now Ryan has put his adoration of Doylestown (or at least the girl from Doylestown) into a song!

Recently Adams revealed that he plans on releasing THREE albums in 2019! The first is said to be called "Big Colors," and will be coming in April. Now we get the very first taste from that album called "Doylestown Girl." In the track he details walking through the city with his girlfriend, and it paints a really nice picture.

Take a listen:

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