Tyler Joseph's Favorite Song Of 2018...

2018 was a MASSIVE year for Twenty One Pilots with the release of their album "Trench," which many of you voted your favorite of the year! 

But what was TOP member Tyler Joseph listening to (besides his own music of course) last year?

Well, Kerrang! did a story where they asked a bunch of musicians their favorite songs of the year, and Tyler shared his answer...which also happens to be from a band playing Winter Jawn 2019!

Remember when TOP headlined the show (then called Winter Jam some years back)? Well, this year Young The Giant is headlining, and Tyler was very into their track "Superposition." Here's what he had to say about the song, which is from the band's latest album "Mirror Master:"

“This is probably not going to play well with a Kerrang! audience (laughs), but Superposition is a really great song. I love it so much. The structure is really familiar yet the creative moves they make inside of that are unfamiliar, so when you combine those two different things it’s hugely exciting.

I rarely feel like, ‘Oh, I wish I’d written that…’ when I hear someone else’s music, but this is one of those occasions. When I heard this I was like, ‘I wish that I’d stumbled across that [idea].’ And when I say that I wish I’d written it, there’s also a few things that I’d change about it, for sure. Like the title for example, because I can never remember it. "

And there you have it! Take a listen to his favorite track, which we will undoubtedly hear live on January 26th!

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