Daddylap- "Lights Out"

Have you heard of Daddylap? If not, now is the perfect time to get to know them! The Philly based band just unleashed a new energetic track called "Lights Out" that will grab you from the first note and NEVER let you go! 

If the vocals sound familiar it's because there's no doubt you've heard them some way! Yes their singer is our very own nighttime DJ Jessie, who's been in the band since 2012 before she was doing nights with the station!

The band already released an EP in 2017, and this new track is the first of a bunch of new songs the band is working on!

Of the song Jessie says: "This song was inspired by being in the pit at a show, and instead of people moshing and being consumed by the music, they were all standing still filming stuff on their phones. So that's the line 'Lights out, lights out; these people they seem dead.'" 

Something all of us concert-goers can absolutely relate to, right? It is my honor to share with you "Lights Out!" 

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