Jersey Man Turned His House Into The "Christmas Vacation" Home

It isn't really the holiday season if you haven't watched "Christmas Vacation" at least once, right?

In the movie, the zany Griswold family doesn't go anywhere like in the other movies. For this one the main character is their home!

Now a South Jersey man has taken HIS love for the movie to a new level, and turned HIS house into the Griswold's house from the least from the outside!

How so? Well, first with the lights. Steve Harbaugh spent two weeks decking his house with 7,500 lights just like they did in the movie. He also has a Clark Griswold dummy hanging from the roof.

But that's not all! He's also got an RV outside the house just like Cousin Eddie's from the movie...with a moving Cousin Eddie dummy!

The best part though? The house has gained so much interest in the area and so many visitors that they decided to turn that into something good! They're asking visitors to donate an unwrapped toy that would go to Toys For Tots when they come by, and filling the RV with the toys. It's said that 100 toys are being donated EACH NIGHT from people coming to check out the house, with more than 2,500 toys donated altogether this week!

Want to check out the house and donate a toy before Christmas? Head over to 503 Legends Court in Mickleton, NJ!

For now check out some pictures/video of what it looks like:

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