The Wonder Years "Sister Cities" named best punk album of 2018 by Uproxx

File under: awesome.

Uproxx has shared their year end list of the Best Punk Albums of 2018, and lookie who's right up top at #1,  Lansdale's The Wonder Years, calling Sister Cities a "masterpiece."

The top 10 list also includes Philly's Kississippi and Scranton's Petal.

Here's their full editorial write up as to why The Wonder Years reigned supreme in the punk realm this year:

"The Wonder Years have been a band for thirteen years. In that time, the band has gone through a few small lineup changes but countless sonic evolutions. All of these musical twists and turns over the course of their career seem to be leading here: Sister Cities feels like the culmination of years spent writing records and touring relentlessly, featuring frontman Dan Campbell’s best lyricism to date and a band unwilling to compromise their shared vision.

The record opens with a vivid description of coping with loss and yearning for family, all from oceans away (“Raining In Kyoto”), while its title track recounts a group of fans in Chile that came together after the band’s scheduled show was canceled and welcomed them into their local community to throw together a makeshift gig.

Finally, a decade-plus of constant travel, eye-opening culture shock, and worldly information overload comes together in the album’s closing track “The Ocean Grew Hands To Hold Me.” Across its nearly seven-minute runtime, Campbell examines the large bodies of water that are often used as a measure of separation, but he instead shifts the paradigm to understand them as the ties that bind everyone on the planet together. “I miss everyone at once,” he sings in a broken voice as he returns home to Philadelphia for the first time in nearly two years. “But most of all, I miss the ocean.” Enter a cinematic instrumental that builds to a swell, then a cacophony of silence.

When all is said and done, the sextet’s 11-track masterpiece exists as a document of a group of friends searching for love and finding it in the most surprising places. More than just a collection of songs, Sister Cities is an expansion of worldview. It is a testament to humility. But most importantly, it is a timely explanation — from a group of individuals with thirteen years of relevant experience and a platitude of wisdom to dispel on the topic — that a different culture doesn’t mean a different humanity."

Congrats and cheers guys!

The Wonder Years Live at 2018 Endless Summer Show - Thumbnail Image

The Wonder Years Live at 2018 Endless Summer Show

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