The Wonder Years/Early November Frontmen Form Side Project

After a pretty huge whirlwind year for Philly area bands The Wonder Years and The Early November you'd think their frontmen Dan Campbell and Ace Enders would be ready for rest and relaxation, right? Wrong!

Instead the guys teamed up for a new musical project to sink your teeth into...and you're going to want to. ESPECIALLY if there's a certain TV show that you still can't get enough of.

The pair (who have worked together before with Ace producing Dan's recent "Aaron West And The Roaring Twenties" solo album) got together with their love of Friday Night Lights (book AND TV show) for a new side project based completely around it!

The name of the project? Clear Eyes Fanzine! This of course is taken from the classic line "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose."

The first taste of the project comes in the form a 6 song EP called  "Season 1, Episodes 1-6" with 3 songs done by Dan and 3 by Ace. They're all inspired by the TV show and their specific episodes and storylines.

The tracks will be available for streaming or physically with fun extras, all of which can be pre-ordered tomorrow on their social media accounts.

Want a sneak peek? Well, you can check out two songs right now! They are Campbell's "Coming Up For Air" and Enders' "Good Get Coach."

Can't wait to hear more!

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