AJR & Flora Cash Perform at our 2018 Movember Gala

Thanks for supporting and attending our 2018 Movember Gala at Victory Beer Hall inside Xfinity Live! presented by Miller Lite, Benari Jewelers, and Dr. Glatt.

Philly-area musician Brian Fitzy opened up the show with his electric violin tunes - many of which were covers of some of our favorite alternative bands, like Dave Matthews and Imagine Dragons, and set the stage for a great event. Next up, DJ Reed Streets kept us entertained between sets as we waited for Flora Cash and the AJR brothers to take the stage.

Thanks to your generous donations, we raised $10,345 for the Movember Foundation to help prevent young men from dying too early.

Flora Cash played a stunning set of songs that we knew, as well as a debut of a brand new song!

Then AJR took the stage, and Ryan showed off his holiday sweater, "Single and Ready to Jingle" ... to an enthusiastic audience response! The guys had a great performance, which included some fun audience banter to their opening song, "Sober Up", "Burn the House Down," and a cover of "All Star" by Smash Mouth. In the end, they joked around about an encore song, and did an old favorite, "Weak" to close out the night.

Movember 2018 check

Here's a great shot of Ryan's special holiday sweater.

Brian Fitzy setting the vibes up for the rest of the night.

Brian Fitzy opens our 2018 Movember Gala

Flora Cash vibing with us... 

AJR is super excited to be here, and the crowd is so pumped to have them on stage!

AJR at our 2018 Movember Gala

Check out the photos from our 2018 Movember Gala below!

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