Cassettes - "Born In The 90s" Video

We are so lucky here in Philly to have some amazing local bands!

I love highlighting some of my favorites, and today I share with you a new one!

Ever hear of the band Cassettes? You're going to want to!

I heard from the band a little while ago who shared with me some of their great new tunes, and I'm here to highlight one in particular.

The track is called "Born In The 90s," and the pop rock melody will probably be stuck in your head long after you listen!

Better yet, the song comes along with a GREAT lyric video. While the band is called Cassettes, the video takes us further back and shows us a great collection of vinyl records. The way they incorporate all the record sleeves into the video is very creative and so much fun to watch!

The track itself comes off their upcoming album "Wild Heart," due out January 25th. It was produced by The Lumberyard Recording Studio owned by The Early November's Ace Enders and Man Overboard's Nik Bruzzese! 

Check out the track/video and keep an eye out for these guys!

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