The Most Visited Philly Spots In 2018

It's that time of the year when all the "year end" lists are revealed! 

Our city of Philadelphia is a busy place...but which spots were visited the most in 2018?

Today we find out! How so? From the company that takes so many people to those destinations: Lyft!

Yup, the driving service just shared a list of the most visited spots in 2018 in Philly!

The service releases this information every year to varied results. The most visited concert venue continues to stay the same...and shouldn't be much of a surprise.

Take a look:

Most Visited Bar: Morgan's Pier

Most Visited Concert Venue: Wells Fargo Center

Most Visited Fitness Studio: Planet Fitness

Most Visited Brunch Spot: Parc

Most Visited Late Night Restaurant: Pat's 

Most Visited Late Night Neighborhood: Center City

Only In Philadelphia: Eastern State Penitentiary 

Not too many surprises there, right? Check out the list from Lyft HERE!

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