Bastille at our Miller Lite Mystery Show - Recap + Photos

Bastille performed to a packed house at our first-ever Miller Lite Mystery Show presented by Xfinity Live! on a crisp Monday night on November 19, 2018.

Before taking the stage and officially revealing themselves, DJ Reed Streets set up the vibe for the crowd with some great tunes. 

It's possible that listeners might have gotten some clues from items in the venue on the artist that was to reveal themselves around a quarter past 8... Luckily we didn't have to wait til a quarter-past midnight. Smoke machines and strobe lights were set up on the stage, and other tiny clues appeared around the venue.

Radio 104.5 staff appeared on the stage wearing question marks on their faces and then announced that Bastille was our official band, making a lot of people "Happier" than they were just a few minutes before.

The guys played a lot of great tunes, and Bastille Dan even went out through the whole crowd at Xfinity Live! to sing "Flaws" ... then they closed the show out with an epic performance of "Pompeii."

Bastille is the best Mystery Show band that we've ever had, and I'm not just saying that because they are the only Mystery Show band we've ever had. 

After they rocked out on the Xfinity Live Miller Lite stage, we had a chat about why the "Happier" video is making everyone sad, Will learning to become a pilot, Dan's trip to India, why Kyle loves vacationing in America, Woody's kid's birthday party extravaganza, when Doom Days and ReOrchestrated are coming and if Dan will buy Laura Palmer's coffin from Twin Peaks.

Here's our Mystery conversation!

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