Interview With Bastille From Radio 104.5's Miller Lite Mystery Show

Bastille is the best Mystery Show band that we've ever had, and I'm not just saying that because they are the only Mystery Show band we've ever had. 

After they rocked out on the Xfinity Live Miller Lite stage, we had a chat about why the "Happier" video is making everyone sad, Will learning to become a pilot, Dan's trip to India, why Kyle loves vacationing in America, Woody's kid's birthday party extravaganza, when Doom Days and ReOrchestrated are coming and if Dan will buy Laura Palmer's coffin from Twin Peaks.

Here's our Mystery conversation!

And if you didn't see this version of "Quarter Past Midnight" from Royal Albert Hall with the symphony and the choir, this is a bit of what we'll get on ReOrchestrated!

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