There's a new Sheriff in town! Gritty actually got votes for Sheriff!

Still amazed at how quickly the public consensus on the Flyers new mascot, Gritty, shifted from HATING him...then LOVING him a couple of days later...and now nominating him for public office!

Yes, it's true, NBC Philadelphia reports that Gritty received 14 write-in votes in Tuesday's election including 2 votes for Camden County Sheriff and the U.S. House. Gritty also received a vote for Audobon Board of Education, Cherry Hill Board of Education, Clementon Board of Education, Collingswood Board of Education and 5 votes for Haddon Township Board of Education.

And according to the Flyers Jumbotron, Gritty received write-in votes in 46 states, though the credibility of that statement remains under challenge!

Gritty Getty

Photo: Getty

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