Radio 104.5 listener Jenny D wins 'fan v artist' trivia with Mumford & Sons

We have a Mumford & Sons super fan in our midst! Jenny D from Delaware was given the opportunity of a lifetime to visit our iHeartRadio Studio in New York for a round of ‘Fan vs Artist’ between her and Mumford & Sons…and she nailed it (with a little help from Ben Lovett who moved over to her team)

And, while Mumford & Sons did a very respectable job of answering questions about themselves, Jenny did better.

When did Mumford & Sons join Twitter?

How many times do they sing ‘I Will Wait’ in the song ‘I Will Wait?

Which song stemmed from the ‘Ten Song Game’?

Which year did the win a Brit Award?What is the lead track on their album ‘Babel’?

When will their new album ‘Delta’ be released?

Jenny knew most of ‘em and won an amazing experience with her favorite band. Congrats to Jenny for her big win and representing Radio 104.5 land so well with Mumford & Sons!

Mumford & Jenny

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