The most popular Halloween candy in PA, NJ & DE (and in every state)

Happy Halloween! In my opinion, there's only once choice when it comes to Halloween candy and that is Reese's Cups, though surprisingly they are not the most popular Halloween candy in any states, except Florida, Iowa, Oregon, Texas and Wyoming. How are the not the most popular candy in EVERY state? 

Even more baffling is the news that Candy Corn is THE most popular candy in Alabama. We always knew Alabama was a bit backwards, but this is completely nuts...errr....corn.

Though before you and I ridicule Alabama too much, we have to acknowledge that Candy Corn ranks #3 in Pennsylvania and #2 in Delaware. Who are the Candy Corn loving people?

All of this stems from which has been tracking candy sales in every state for the past 11 years. Here are the favorites in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware


  1. Skittles (302,061 pounds)
  2. M&Ms (282,172 pounds)
  3. Candy Corn (130,597 pounds)

New Jersey

  1. Skittles (165,484 pounds)
  2. M&Ms (160,088 pounds)
  3. Tootsie Pops (98,613 pounds)


  1. Life Savers (20,806 pounds)
  2. Candy Corn (17,981 pounds)
  3. Skittles (9,595 pounds)

Check out the favorites in the rest of the states HERE (via

Candy - Getty

Candy - Getty

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