Check out Official & Lyric Video from Houses 'Fast Talk'

If you're guilty and you know it, put your hands up!

Sometimes a song comes along that just makes you stop in your tracks and ask 'What is this?' & 'Who is this?' 'I'm going to have to hear that one again'.  That's what happened to me with the song 'Fast Talk' from Houses.  And, since we started playing this song, I've been hearing from a lot of you asking about the song. So, here's some more...

Houses is a one man brainchild of Detroit native Dexter Tortoriello. He's been a prolific songwriter/remixer who's worked with and remixed artists like Major Lazer, Kings Of Leon and Odesza, as well as releasing earlier, more mellow Houses music that you may have heard in the background in movies and TV. Additionally, he'll be touring with a band and will make his way to Union Transfer with Jungle on March 20th)

Below, I've included the official video (starring  90's icon Patrick Renna from The Sandlot) along with the lyric video which really punctuated the song for me.  Enjoy!

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