The Philly Themed Bar In London

This weekend our Philadelphia Eagles head to London for a special game against the Jaguars!

Are you headed that way, but want to feel like you're still at home? Well, there's a special Philly themed bar IN LONDON!

The bar, very fittingly, called Passyunk Avenue (after the famous South Philly street) looks like a great place to get yourself some Philly across the pond.

The bar is just 30 minutes from Wembley Stadium and was started by South Philly born JP Teti. While it's in London, the place is undoubtedly Philly from the font on the sign to the items served. Those items, of course, includes authentic Philly cheesesteak sandwiches! YUM!

This message from JP appears on the bar's website: 

My family originates from the Italian neighborhoods of South Philadelphia, home to some of the best food in the US and birthplace of the Cheesesteak. It’s the kind of food that defines family traditions and you really miss it when you can’t have it.

 My yearning for this taste of home developed into the idea that became the Liberty Cheesesteak Company, which set out to introduce London to the delicacy that is the Philly Cheesesteak in its most authentic form. What I thought might be simply an exercise in compiling ingredients quickly evolved into more of a totally absorbing artisan’s pursuit.

 In our first three years, we cultivated a loyal following of discerning customers, led the wave of new authentically American food concepts, established a vendor network that includes some of the UK’s best suppliers by industry, and established ourselves as an innovator in the fast casual ethnic food market segment. However, for us the focus has always been to use our wonderfully regional and uniquely ethnic cuisine to tell the story of our special City of Brotherly Love, its people and their culture.

 As our business expands, so too must our identity to better reflect our brand’s promise of delivering a fully immersive experience of an intensely regional form of Americana that transcends products alone.

Our new brand “Passyunk Avenue” shares many of our most valuable brand attributes, while freeing us to move aggressively towards our goal of building the UK’s leading “American experience” culinary brand.

Very cool! Obviously the bar has all kinds of activities planned around this weekend's game, but it's a good place to visit whenever you're in that area!

Check out a video on the bar from 6ABC and some pictures via their Instagram page:

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