Liam Gallagher's Drunken Tweetstorm about Radiohead

A drunken Liam Gallagher Tweetstorm really isn’t news, though entertaining nonetheless. In this episode, Liam's wrath is targeted at Radiohead

In this case, it appears that Liam’s barely coherent drunk tweets originated from a house party where Liam apparently got frustrated with a bunch of Radiohead fans gushing about their love of the band.

 “So I’m in this crazy house every***er is hanging on about the band radio play help,”

He then Tweeted versions of names of several Radiohead songs: “Some tunecall creepy fuvker”, “Planet tickle”, and “The rapping in the middle of the bends taking the piss.”

“How the f*** did these tedes get big”

Eventually Gallagher seemed to acknowledge that “Karma Police” is a good song.

You can read Liam’s tweets below. NOTE NSFW language


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