Love City Brewing will give you a free beer if you register to vote

This is great!  Love City Brewing is giving (potential) voters a tasty little incentive to register to vote ahead of the October 9th voter registration deadline in Pennsylvania:  a free beer!

Just follow these three easy steps:  

1) Visit Love City Brewing (10th and Hamilton streets - basically behind Union Transfer)
2) Fill out a voter registration form and give it to the bartender
3) ENJOY a free 10 oz. beer (if you're 21+, obviously)

Ahhhhhh, the refreshing taste of democracy.  

Seriously though,  I give huge credit to the brewery for doing something really fantastic for the greater good of humankind.  Cheers to Love City Brewing!

VOTESPA.COM has all kinds of info on voting including your polling place.

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