Weezer's 'Africa' video, starring Weird Al!

It started with a tweet from 14 year old Ohio girl, which prompted the Weezer/Toto cover exchange, starting with Weezer's cover of Rosanna, followed by the strange phenomenon of their cover of 'Africa'.  From their, Toto performed their own cover of Weezer's 'Hash Pipe'...and even Weird Al Yankovic got in on it when he joined Weezer for a live performance of the song.

With that, Weezer has just shared the official video for the song....starring Weird Al, dressed as 'Sweater Song' era Rivers Cuomo...and SPOILER ALERT...his accordion makes a cameo. *note - none of the actual members of Weezer appear in the video, though I'm still trying to determine whether the stand-ins include anyone we may have heard of previously.

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