Little Baby's Ice Cream In Philly Introduces New Cannabis Flavor

Philly is filled with great treats which include ice cream made by Little Baby's! The company, which you can often see showing up with their cart to different events around the city, also has a few store locations too! Now, they've opened a new location at 12th and Ludlow and have introduced a new interesting flavor!

Need some ice cream that will help get you a little more..umm..chill? 

Well, the company has just introduced a new Cannabis flavor! It's called Vegan CBD chocolate ice cream, and it's made with 100mg of cannabidiol per pint.

While a pint will cost you $20, which is definitely a lot more than their usual pint, you get a little more with this flavor!

According to Philly Voice "the FDA has only approved one type of purified CBD oil for two types of epilepsy, but the oil is available in various super markets and spas. At this point, there is no recommended dosage of CBD."

They've also introduced a bunch of other flavors which you can try at the new location, which has their grand opening party today! 

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