The last Blockbuster in the country gets its own beer

The original "Netflix and chill" = going to your local Blockbuster to rent a tape, or in later days, a DVD.  To say Blockbuster is an endangered species is a wild understatement.  There is only ONE remaining location in the entire country, and it's in Bend, Oregon.

This Blockbuster isn't going down without a fight - they've teamed up with local brewery 10 Barrel Brewing for their own signature beer: The Last Blockbuster.  According to the brewery, it's a light-bodied black ale with hints of red licorice and made to be paired with your rental and buttered popcorn. It will be released on Sept. 21.  

Not gonna lie, I just got alllll sorts of nostalgic and would thoroughly enjoy raising a glass to this institution of my childhood.  Cheers, lone surviving Blockbuster for making it this long!

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