Twenty One Pilots share new song snippet during VMAs commercial - LISTEN

Well, well, well...if you watched the MTV VMAs last night you miiiiight have noticed a commercial for "Trench," the soon to be released album from Twenty One Pilots.  You may have recognized song/video snippets from "Jumpsuit" and "Nico and the Niners," but hold up...what's that third piece of music? Falsetto,  disco-y, with the lyrics that sound like "Stay with me, my blood."  There is a song called "My Blood" that's slated to be on "Trench" - did the guys just slide it in there all sneaky like?  That seems to be the general consensus in the Twitterverse.

Check out fan shot video of the commercial, below.  (The audio is actually really good.)  What do you think of what you're hearing from (probably) the 4th song we've been treated to from "Trench"?

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