Who should be the new voice of SEPTA? Vote!

So, Seth Rogen is the new voice of Vancouver's public transportation system...yeah, THAT Seth Rogen...and SEPTA has seemingly been inspired by that and have launched a search for a new voice for the announcements for your commute.

Who do YOU think would make the perfect voice for SEPTA?  The sky is the limit (that doesn't mean they'll actually do it - but who knows.)  Is it somebody like Sylvester Stallone saying "YO! The next stop is Spring Garden," or maybe it's Will Smith, Joel Embiid or Carson Wentz?

Make your nomination now -  deadline is 8/26.  

BTW,  a certain Radio 104.5 DJ (cough cough, wink wink, nudge nudge) would totally LOVE to moonlight as the voice of SEPTA.  #VOTEAMBERMILLER

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