The Eagles Billboard Outside The Patriots Stadium

Our Philadelphia Eagles are still champions, and we want everyone to know...especially the Patriots fans!

Hah! Due to a lost bet, a wonderful Eagles billboard has been put up near Gillette Stadium (home of the Patriots) and it's glorious.

In case you missed my post from a few months back about Gina (an Eagles fan living in Boston), it's pretty great. Gina made a bet with her co-worker (a Pats fan) that she couldn't get a certain amount of likes and retweets on a Tweet about the Eagles. The stakes: a billboard put up in the city all about our Eagles

Of course she make it happen too!

Now the billboard has gone up, and it's great! Not only did Gina's co-worker give $500 for the billboard, more money was raised through crowd-funding and it'll be up for a month! It was designed by a local Philly artist too!

Check it out:

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