Magazine Says Philly's Got The Best Food On The East Coast

Our city of Philadelphia is known for many great things...and one of them is definitely the food!

Now we've been given the recognition we deserve in that category!

That's right: Travel And Leisure magazine says that Philly has THE BEST food on the east coast ahead of even New York and Boston, and it's kinda hard to disagree!

How so? They say:

It’s easy to dismiss Philadelphia as a place forever languishing in New York City’s shadow. But when it comes to food, Philly is actually one of the more exciting destinations in the country right now. The city’s lower prices and young, scrappy energy have given chefs and restaurateurs free rein to experiment, allowing them to reinvent its classic cuisine and add influences from around the globe.

Despite the Eagles defeating the Patriots in February’s Super Bowl, Philadelphia will always be proud of its underdog spirit. It’s a place where servers befriend you, and strangers in bars talk you into taking shots. It’s not uncommon to see someone break into a dance while making your sandwich. The vibe is more personal and upbeat than that of many U.S. cities —there’s simply more space to play.

So much yes!

Check out the rest of their article and even recommendations for people from out of town HERE!

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