Is the Grateful Dead’s Phil Lesh Courtney Love’s Godfather?

While not quite as compelling as, 'is he her father?'...this is still an intriguing story.

Courtney Love wants to know if Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh is her Godfather! Apparently, she commented on an old Instagram post from John Mayer asking him to confirm if the rumor is true.  The Instagram photo features Mayer with the Dead's Mickey Hart and former NBA great Bill Walton (who now plays with the Dead & Company).   In Courtney's comment, she wrote 'my insane father told me Phil (Lesh) is my godfather. It may be true. Will you find out?'  Apparently she was too shy to ask herself, so offered to bribe Mayer with a Rolex if he gets her an answer.

Something else to consider when reading this story...Courtney's dad allegedly gave her acid when she was only 4 years old.

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