Have you checked out Breakthrough Radio?

Who couldn't use a little extra positivity on a Monday morning? 

It was all sorts of positive vibes this morning listening to Bobby McFerrin "Don't Worry Be Happy,"  a throwback guilty pleasure from Backstreet Boys,  The Beatles,  and a classic Earth, Wind & Fire jam as I was putting on my makeup, and I was hearing it all on Breakthrough Radio -  a radio station for healthy family living & feel good music. 

In general, I hear a lot of people complain and criticize that the "media" is negative.  That's not necessarily my personal experience,  but it's all about what personal choices someone makes to watch/listen to/click on.  

Breakthrough Radio leaves any negativity behind and is the kind of thing you'll feel great about playing when the kids are in the car once that school routine gets rolling,  or just to turn on in the house/yard for a family dance party/singalong session.

Really fun positive stuff musically plus healthy tips from the staff at CHOP -  check it out and give it a listen below, or get Breakthrough Radio on the free iHeartRadio app tolisten anywhere/everywhere.

Also now on FM in Center City & the Camden area on 102.5 FM or in the Trenton area on 104.1 FM.

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