SET LIST: Radiohead Night #2 @ Wells Fargo Center 08.01.18

Last night, Radiohead closed out their tour right here in Philadelphia at Wells Fargo Center, the second of back to back shows in town.  For me THIS was the show.  Night 1 was great, but the setlist and overall vibe of the evening felt that much more special.

Once again they played 25 songs, including 2 encores, but the song selection varied significantly from the previous show (after the first three songs, which were identical each night)

The Bends, Exit Music, Everything In Its Right Place, Myxomatosis and a 2nd dose of Idioteque were highlights of the evening for me.

Check out the full set list below, along with my video of Exit Music (to a tour), which may not look spectacular, but it sounds sublime.


Radiohead - Philadelphia - 08.01.18 Wells Fargo Center SET LIST

  1. Daydreaming

  2. Desert Island Disk

  3. Ful Stop

  4. 15 Step

  5. Lucky

  6. Kid A

  7. Videotape

  8. Decks Dark

  9. Let Down

  10. Everything In Its Right Place

  11. Bloom

  12. Reckoner

  13. Lotus Flower

  14. House of Cards

  15. Optimistic

  16. Idioteque

  17. How to Disappear Completely


18. Spectre

19. Myxomatosis

20. Exit Music

21. There There

22. The Tourist


23. The Bends

24. Weird Fishes

25. Karma Police

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