Interview with Philly Band RunHideFight

The band RunHideFight (Geeta Dalal Simons, Christine Weiser, Brother JT, Jon Kois) stopped by to talk about how the group formed, motherhood, songwriting, guitars, musical influences, and some very personal life experiences that inspired some of their songs.

After years of musical hiatus, Geeta Dalal Simons realized she needed to start playing in bands again. She recorded some demos with the help of some friends in her daughters' playroom (that she had previously used to teach music lessons to children). Talking to friends in the Philly music community, she found that Christine Weiser, who played bass previously with Suffacox and Mae Pang, was also looking for a musical outlet. They teamed up with Brother JT, and after a series of drummers which included Cheshire Augusta (Stinking Lizaveta) originally filling in as a favor, found drummer Jon Kois (Three 4 Tens, Wastoid, Marah).

This current lineup of RunHideFight recently went into the studio with Pete Donnelly (The Figgs) to record material for an upcoming EP. A release party for their 7" record coming out on Hidden Volume Records is scheduled for September 7th at Johnny Brenda's with support from Creem Circus and Sheena and Thee Nosebleeds.

In the interview we go more into depth with the band on their musical influences, guitar choice/criteria, the meaning of the band name, how to get organized, and much more.

They also have shows coming up on August 5th at the 2nd Street Festival  - catch them at the Germantown Stage at 3pm(ish). You can also see them on August 9th at the Boot & Saddle with Wimps and Sky Farm.

Listen to the full interview below!

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Want to hear a little more from RunHideFight? Listen to their original demos at their Soundcloud!

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