SET LIST: Radiohead Night #1 @ Wells Fargo Center 7.31.18

Last night Radiohead played the first of back-to-back nights in Philly at Wells Fargo Center with a 25 song set.  They looked and sounded fantastic and were in great spirits (despite Thom getting pelted with a glow stick thrown from the crowd at the beginning of the show), and the evening ended with favorites from The Bends and Ok Computer.  

We'll be back at it for round 2 tonight,  and the set list will likely look NOTHING like this:

Radiohead Set List - Wells Fargo Center 7.31.18 Philadelphia

  1. Daydreaming

  2. Desert Island Disk 

  3. Ful Stop

  4. 2+2=5

  5. The Gloaming

  6. All I Need

  7. Pyramid Song

  8. No Surprises

  9. Airbag

  10. Separator

  11. Bloom

  12. I Might Be Wrong

  13. Talk Show Host 

  14. Nude

  15. The Numbers

  16. The National Anthem 

  17. Idioteque 


18. Decks Dark

19. Wolf at the Door

20. Bodysnatchers

21. Feral

22. Fake Plastic Trees


23. Present Tense

24. Paranoid Android 

25. Street Spirit

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