LISTEN: 3 new songs from The Lumineers - surprise EP

Surprise! The Lumineers just released a new EP called "C-Sides" including three new songs:  Scotland, For Fra & Visions Of China.

Frontman Wes Schultz shared this insight into the opening track, Scotland:  "The song was born out of this feeling that the world, the people around you, will often just not understand you. The song was special to us because it had this beautiful driving rhythm that Jer played that reminded us of battle drums."

Jeremiah Fraites lent this description of For Fra: "this is an instrumental piece of music that started off merely as a birthday gift for my then girlfriend, now wife, Francesca. I recorded the piano idea first and then just repeatedly recorded over that with drums, claps, and percussion."

Lastly,  Wes had this to say about Visions Of China: 'I lived in Hangzhou, China for 3 months. The lyrics were a smattering of things I’d seen and sensed there. The song itself had this meditative quality-something about the way the chords rolled in and out without ever feeling tired."

What a great surprise from the beloved Denver band.  Have a listen to all 3 tracks, below:

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