The Wrecks Backstage Interview

The Wrecks sit down with Wendy Rollins backstage at ourRadio 104.5 11th Birthday Celebration Night 2 before they close out theMall Chevrolet New Music Discovery Stage!

They open their interview with a joke of @TheWrecksMemes before discussing new music and recording in Grandma's barn in Western New York. They explain that the barn is in the middle of nowhere and full of critters including Pecky and Becky the Woodpeckers. The band explain their recording process: "We've been shut away in the barn for a few weeks now. We're still kind of living this experimentation stage cause we never stop writing. So we go into the studio to start recording and because we do the process ourselves, we just end up writing more." They interestingly explain that their demos will likely end up on the finished album with small changes such as adding drums, instead of recreating the vibe to re-record the music. The band is up to 40 songs (yikes!) but they'll narrow it down to the right songs as they find their identity. 

Despite having a song titled, "James Dean," (we'll add it below so you can check it out!) The Wrecks admit that they do not know any James Dean movies. However they explain that it's not about the man himself, but about the image of the person that can be created when shared by people. "The song is about the icon that he is and that's what people see and that's kind of the point of it. It's not about the depth of who a person really is, it's about the image of who they become to the masses."

The band also curates their dream festival lineup including: The Killers, Cage The Elephant, Black Keys, Weezer, Cake, and Kings of Leon... we'd like to go to that show!

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Check out the full interview below:

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