The Great Enough Backstage Interview

The Great Enough sit down backstage with Cole at ourRadio 104.5 11th Birthday Celebration Night 2 before they kick off the entire show on the Main Stage!

The band won first place in our local opener contest at Parx Casino! When asked about their reaction to winning the contest, the band said: "I'm pretty sure I jumped like 4 feet in the air." "We never expect that, we manage expectations as a band. We go in there, lets do our best, see what happens. It allows us the privilege of being surprised." 

Since The Great Enough won first place, they were able to choose between the Birthday Show Night 1 or Night 2. They explain their decision for choosing night two: "We just thought pick the bands that we thought we could connect most with musically. I mean we love the bands on day one. We're huge fans of all those guys too. But we just thought about it amongst ourselves and we're kinda like lets try to just match ourselves as close as we can to the bands we're gonna be playing with. And we feel like we identify a little bit more some of the artists on this day."

They also discuss new music and their upcoming album, "Born" out on July 7th, 2018. They give Cole one of the first copies on a lanyard!

Thanks to Mealey's Furniture,New Jersey Lottery, and Steaz!

Check out the full interview below:

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