The Glorious Sons Backstage Interview

The Glorious Sons sit down backstage at our Radio 104.5 11th Birthday Celebration Night 2 before they take on the Mall Chevrolet New Music Discovery Stage!

They discuss playing their biggest show ever in front 55,000 people and opening for the Rolling Stones. As they describe: "It was a pretty big honor. It was the honor of our lives, obviously... I think opening for the Stones is probably the pinnacle so far." 

The Glorious Sons return to Philly after playing our Radio 104.5 Winter Jawn show in January 2018. Since our show, they have been touring with J. Roddy Walston & The business and The Struts

The boys are from Ontario, Canada and discuss the weather in Ontario vs. Philadelphia. Philly's in the middle of a heat wave and Canada is no different reaching 40 degrees C (Or about 95 degrees F). They're also big fans of the NFL (Patriots Fans!) and tease Josh about our Philadelphia Eagles!

Have you seen The Glorious Sons music video for "Everything is Alright"?! (we'll post it below so you know what we're talking about). The band explains how the tar & feather shot was done in two takes, used two white outfits, and required an hour and twenty minute shower afterwards. They explain the concept came after brainstorming simplistic video ideas. 

Thanks to Mealey's Furniture, New Jersey Lottery, and Steaz!

Check out the full interview below:

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