The Dreamers Backstage Interview

The Dreamers sit down with Jessie backstage at ourRadio 104.5 11th Birthday Celebration Night 2 before they hit theMall Chevrolet New Music Discovery Stage!

Nick, Nelson, and Jacob from The Dreamers talk about covering Zombies by The Cranberries while on tour, in addition to their own new music and their new song, "Screws." Discussing their new album, the band says, "Screws is the very first chapter of this whole album we've written... We're gonna be releasing it in three sort of chapters. Four song EPs and then at the end it's the whole album." 

They add: "It's kind of a little bit darker album. A little bit crazier than our first album which was more kind of a summer love record. This album's like autumn record. It's about break-ups, it's about living on the road for two years. It's not about heart break but the positive side of that and being empowered and going through the crazy struggles of life." 

The band discuss their roots being from Seattle, California and Maryland then meeting in New York. They explain how their origins influence their music today and how being sad but surviving through it can make music powerful and help people get through tough times. 

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