Missio Backstage Interview

Missiosit down backstage with Mike Jones at ourRadio 104.5 11th Birthday Celebration Night 2 before they perform on the Main Stage!

Matt and David of Missio share that there will in fact be elephant sounds in their new song. They joke with Mike about bringing back animal sounds in music and naming their new album Animal Sounds

They were recently on tour with AWOLNATION for a couple weeks and discuss having fun on tour with the band. After their short tour, they returned to the studio and have an officially finished second record (no release date yet) on the one year anniversary of Loaner. The band says about their new music: "We're really firm believers in not having to follow a timeline. Just cause I think as an artist it's really risky potentially if you're rushed into putting music out, I don't think the music can be as good as it can be. So, as long as we're happy with it and make sure that we absolutely love it, we'll release it." 

Matt explained that he lived in an airstream for a year in Austin, Texas while recording demos. He mentions that the air conditioner was so loud, that he could only record for a few minutes with it off before the heat was too unbearable. On such a hot day here at the BB&T Pavilion, David jokingly explains another broken A/C story. 

On a serious note, Matt and David are inspired by their locations and realizing how good they have it in the grand scheme of things. David says, "We take that very seriously when we're writing. I think that the surroundings and the environment that you put yourself in, as artists you're supposed to be reflecting your experiences and your environment." 

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