Foster The People playing FREE show at Kung Fu Necktie Sunday night?!?!

This is crazy. And AWESOME. It appears as if Foster The People just announced a FREE show/after party at Kung Fu Necktie on Sunday night (06.24) after they play at Festival Pier with Paramore.


I could be reading into this wrong, but it looks like it will be a free show,  first come first served, 21 and up only...they haven't shared timing at all, and there's nothing up on Kung Fu Necktie's website yet either.

This is how they made the announcement about the show, and a handful of others they'll be doing on this tour:

"SHC is a raw expression of what it was like when we first started playing music. stripped down. punk. community. no barriers. no money. no rules. it’s all about the music. first come first serve til we’re at capacity. put your phones away and pretend it’s CBGB’s, New York circa 1981. see you there."

Logistically it could be tough because of course we want to see both their performance AND Paramore's at Festival Pier -  and since it's first come first served that makes it almost impossible to line up early....

But the chance to see them in an itty bitty club is pretty amazing.

P.S. You could meet them BEFORE their show at Festival Pier on Sunday afternoon - Paramore too - at our exclusive Backstage BBQ

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