INTERVIEW: Dan Smith breaks down Bastille's "Quarter Past Midnight"

Turns out phones are good for more than just texting and selfies and swiping -  sometimes you get an actual phone call from an actual human you actually want to talk to - and if you're realllllly lucky, that human is Dan Smith from Bastille!

Bastille is finishing work on their 3rd album, and less than 24 hours ago they shared the new song "Quarter Past Midnight."  Who better to tell us all about it than Dan?!

We also talked about their brand new studio in London (it has a bit of a seedy backstory), about what he thought of last night's Arctic Monkeys concert in NY (he was there) and a bunch more.

Hear our full conversation below.

Bastille Beer Garden Meet + Greet, 9.14.2017 - Thumbnail Image

Bastille Beer Garden Meet + Greet, 9.14.2017

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