WATCH Panic! At The Disco on Ellen (before it airs!)

Panic! At The Disco is TODAY's musical guest on Ellen - but you can watch the performance now before it airs.  Let's be real -  this puts most tv performances to same - this is full on choreographed, Broadway-esque stuff -  ending with a Brendon Urie backflip (perfectly executed) and he hits that high-note with no problem whatsoever.  Brendon is a world class entertainer and this is unbelievably fun to watch from start to finish.

"I can't tell you how much I love this next band" is how Ellen introduced them - check out their performance of the Pray For The Wicked track here:

Pray For The Wicked will be out June 22nd,  and Panic! returns to Philly for a Radio 104.5 show at Wells Fargo Center on July 27th. Grab your tickets and all the show info here.

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